Picture your workouts

There is the art of training, and then there is art made from training.

It all started very innocently with this tweet:

Which got favoured by @Sisu. Not knowing who/what that was I opened their website (yep, I’m that easy to link-bait). Turns out, Sisu is a web-service that lets you create prints of your workouts based on the data found on Strava or Runkeeper. You can customize the prints for color, the title, and whether to show the summary in miles or kilometers. As of this writing, it will automatically pull the data for 2013, but I’ve had a nice Twitter chat with one of the guys behind Sisu and more customization options are in the pipeline.

Sisu on the web
Sisu’s web interface

At first I wasn’t sure whether to order a real print or not. As you can see above, I run a lot on the same routes, which make for some repetitive patterns. Also, the two track workouts kinda stand out. On the other, this is what my training looks like, therefore I decided to spend the 40£ and order the real thing. After all, services like this only survive (and thus continue to add features) if there are paying customers!

Put the data on my wall!

After a couple of days the order shipped from the print company and arrived safe and intact at my house. The print is about 41cm x 29cm in size and looks really good. I will get it framed and probably put it on the wall in the staircase at home.

Art of my training
My Sisu art print for the year 2013

I can’t wait for more features to show up on the site, especially to be able to select a date range for the workouts, or to limit the selection to either runs or rides as well as maybe deselect certain workouts. Once the date selection is available I’m pretty sure I’ll get another print for 2012 and 2014, subsequently. I think the sequence will look pretty nice in the staircase.

I’m in no way affiliated with Sisu, I just happened to find the concept cool and thus ordered a print. If you find your training to be art-worthy, then head over to Sisu and see how it would look like.

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