I stumble over quite a lot of interesting articles and some are worth sharing on this site. I plan to do this every 4 weeks, except I didn’t prepare this one in time (thus “6×7 Review”) so I’ll try to play catch-up with this one and hopefully get back to a regular schedule soon. Enjoy!

As seen on runbikeco.de

Ummm, yeah, looks like I fell off the wagon … except I didn’t, at least not if you look at my Beeminder Goal, which states “one Trello card per week”. I did change some smaller things behind the scenes for which I had Trello cards in place, thus the non-derailment of my goal. Granted, you can’t see those (yet), but it’ll have to do and I will get back to regular posting, promised (i.e. there aren’t many more low-hanging fruit in Trello right now, so I have to tackle some posts again).Also, thanks to my Trello blogging workflow I’m confident that I will finish the Vienna City half-marathon race report. The notes are in there, I just have to find the time and energy to write the post.

Notable past training

Let’s see. I haven’t been on the bike for the whole month of May. Bummer. But I ran for 165.92km in 15 activities. This includes one half-marathon in Bayreuth (where my sister lives), where I ran yet another PR (1h34’07”) on a rather challenging course. Yep, the PR-streak is still going strong, fifth PR in as many half-marathon races.

Upcoming training

I’m trying to maintain what I have achieved so far and will maybe add a couple of speed workouts. There is 3000m race on the track coming up in about three weeks (btw, did you know track racing is hard?) and I’ll do at least one 10K in July. Other than that I’m really looking forward to spend some time on the bike, now that the weather is finally warm and sunny.

Found elsewhere

Lastly, a more or less uncommented link-dump of the past 28 days.

  • Pro Triathlete Jesse Thomas tells us how and why he uses Strava. Fun read!
  • James Nielsen runs the first sub-5’ Beer Mile. Lots of discussion about rules ensues.
With that, have a great four weeks ahead. Thanks for reading!

6x7 Review