For the first time ever I won something on the Internet - a nice Brooks hoodie. Which is really cool! Part of this blog-post will probably make more sense if you know German, but I’ll fill you in where necessary.

Last week I saw this tweet by @BrooksrunningDE in my timeline, thankfully retweeted, because I didn’t follow BrooksrunningDE (the German twitter account for Brooks) at the time.

[ ] Sonnengott[ ] Nachtschwärmer[ ] Laufbandwetzer Welcher dieser Typen bist du?Verlosen einen Hoodie unter allen Antworten #Hoodienstag
— Brooks Running DE (@BrooksrunningDE) May 7, 2013
[] sun-god, [] night owl, [] tread-mill runner. Which of those are you? We’ll raffle a hoodie amongst all answers #Hoodienstag2

I answered1 and as luck had it, only very few people replied to the tweet. Wednesday comes around and starts off with an appointment at the dentist’s office. Not the most fun thing to do on a Wednesday morning, yet necessary once in a while. Imagine my surprise when I checked my Twitter timeline after walking out of the dentist’s office, finding this:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch @runbikecode - die #Hoodiefee hat dich ausgelost für den Brooks Hoodie am gestrigen #Hoodienstag!
— Brooks Running DE (@BrooksrunningDE) May 8, 2013

A few DMs and one email later all address and size details had been exchanged. With Thursday being a bank holiday I didn’t expect the package to arrive until the new week. When the new week came around I had long forgotten about it (yes, tell me about a short attention span). But lo and behold, on Wednesday this week I found a package waiting at home, which contained …

A blue Brooks running hoodie
... a blue Brooks hoodie.

It fits, it is comfortable and looks good on me. And best: it was totally free! So, thanks, Brooks, and good luck everyone for all coming #Hoodienstag.

  1. sun-god, not that it matters, but that’s what I am. I love running in the sun.
  2. The hash-tag is a blend of the German word for Tuesday (=Dienstag), which blends nicely(?) with Hoodie.

Brooks Hoodienstag