So, it happened again. I failed to write a single post in the last twelve months. But it also happened again that someone told me I should keep writing and that they are looking forward to more posts in the future.

Like last year, I completely dropped the ball on this blog of mine. While I always have the best intention to write, I simply don't have the time. Or, I should rather say, blogging doesn't have the right priority in between family, training and work. Because, if it were important enough, I'd find the time. Part of the reason though is my nerdy, complicated blog setup with Octopress. In a nutshell, for a new post I'd have to

  • be in front of a computer with a shell and network connectivity
  • draft posts in markdown
  • fire up an Amazon EC2 instance to preview the blog post
  • regenerate all static pages and publish them on Amazon S3
  • wait until all Amazon Cloudfront invalidations had completed
  • rinse and repeat if I found mistakes in the published post.

Moving to Wordpress

Yup, as nice as it is to have that nerdy setup (and yes, it did have its advantages - static pages, anyone?), I finally bit the bullet and converted this blog to a Wordpress instance. I'm currently in the process of converting old posts over to the new blog. Bear with me, all the content will eventually reappear. So far, I'm really liking Wordpress.

Why now? Motivation is key!

Well, like last year, I received a very nice email (Hi, John), this time from a person that I know and value a lot. While I don't necessarily do things just to chase validations from others, I'm still easily motivated by positive feedback. So yeah, John is probably right, I should add more content here (Hamburg Marathon race report? Chicago Marathon race report? Boston Marathon race report? Berlin? The list goes on...). Now that the setup is easier I don't have many excuses left. By this time next year I'm probably well into my preparation for the New York City Marathon and I sincerely hope I have a couple of posts online between now and then.

Motivation - external vs. internal