My Trek 1200 road bike

The story of my vintage Trek 1200 road bike.

My Trek 1200 road bike
Happy Fourth of July for my American readers! The Tour starts tomorrow and that’s a good opportunity (as good as any other, to be fair) to write about my bikes. Since I have two road bikes, I’ll start with the older one, my vintage Trek 1200.
Vintage Trek 1200 aluminum road bike

Back when I started with Triathlon I bought this bike at a local bike shop, which got recommended to me. At the time it was pretty expensive, even though I don’t remember the exact amount I paid. But I do remember that I had to work a full summer for it and get additional “sponsorship” from my parents. But then it was mine: It was equipped with a Shimano RX100 group set (that’s one down from the classic 105), with downtube shifters, a 7-speed cassette (11-23 if I remember correctly) and a 42/53 “biopace” chainring combo (“biopace” meaning slightly oval chainrings). It came with Matrix 700C ISO C11 rims, which had a slight aero-profile. I upgraded the rear-hub to a Shimano 600 at some point, because I had a second rear-wheel designated for riding on the trainer and used the 105 equipped wheel for that. I rode this bike for all of my triathlon seasons (three, all in all). After I stopped doing triathlon races I remember one year during university where I got back on the bike for a few rides. After that, it sat in my attic, for years. In 2010, when I picked up cycling again, I had the bike checked by a local bike shop. They were surprised about the good shape it was in. All it needed was some lube, new cables for the brakes, a new saddle and new pedals (because I also got new shoes which had different cleats), and I was good to go.

Vintage Riding

Shimano RX100 brakes on my Trek 1200 vintage bike

I still ride this bike these days, usually at the beginning of the cycling season or if the weather gets bad at the end of the season. In the meantime, I’ve upgraded the old wheels with new Ultegra rims. Those came off my new Trek Madone (bought in 2012, more on that later). I had the bar tape redone, but other than that, it still has its original RX100 components, as you can see: And it is still a damn fine bike to ride!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your long weekend ahead! If you happen to have a vintage Trek bike, too, please leave a comment! Or if you don’t have one, but would like one, comment as well. Or you can also comment just because!