I stumble over quite a lot of interesting articles and some are worth sharing on this site. I plan to do this every 5 weeks (thus “5×7 Review”) and I will include my own posts, some training highlights and some of my nutrition. Enjoy!

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Notable past training

For the first time ever, I’ve completed a month with over 200km of running. July saw me run 201km in 26 sessions. The best part: this came just natural, I didn’t really notice how coach Scott brought me to this distance. Many easy runs sprinkled with some workouts and I’m more pain-free than ever before. The bad part about it? I had zero (0!) kilometers on the bike. It just didn’t fit, because on the days where I had time usually the weather wouldn’t cooperate, and then when the weather was great I was busy with my running shoes. Especially in the middle of July, where I ran a 10km race (yay, new PR of 41’49”) and didn’t want to have tired legs from riding my bike.

Upcoming training

I’ll be on vacation for the most part of the next three weeks, but I will see to get a couple of runs in (for at least 10 days that’s not possible though, as we’ll be in the mountains without running trails or anything). However, that’s the beauty of working with a coach, I’m confident that he’ll get me back into the rhythm in no time.

Food consumed

I won’t bore you with everything I ate during the past four weeks, but there is always a meal or two that was special. It’s BBQ season! As I write this, my first ever pulled pork is on the grill, can’t wait to taste it. In the last four weeks, we’ve had burgers, and fish, and burgers, and steak, and, oh did I tell you I love summer BBQ?

Found elsewhere

Lastly, a more or less uncommented link-dump of the past 35 days.

With that, have a great four (or five) weeks ahead. Thanks for reading!

5x7 Review